March --- 2020


Meeting Bullets: Since March no meetings have been held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Editorial:  These are certainly strange times that we live in.  Hopefully this virus pandemic will subside soon and life can return to near normalcy.  I urge all to stay safe and weather this storm like they have the many others that have touched our beautiful gulf coast.  Watch your email over the coming weeks for club news and announcements concerning VEC testing, TERD meetings, and club meetings.


February 2020

Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting convened at 6:36 pm.  Treasurer Rich Lee presented his report.
  Secretary Joe Pillitary and Joe McIntosh reported that the club's liability insurance had been renewed and paid for 2020.
  Joel Emmett presented the 2019 Audit committee report with the bottom line being that all is in order.
  Joel Emmett gave a detailed report on the Winter Field Day event.  Joel's Power Point presentation can be downloaded here.
  President Jere Couch ran a Power Point (with sound) showing US Army Signal Corps in the Vietnam war.

Other News:        
     VE Coordinator Joel Emmett reminded the club of the upcoming VE exams in March.  Three candidates have already signed up for the session.  Many thanks to Joel and the VE team for keeping our membership growing.  This is an important part of ham radio that requires time and dedication.

 We had an exceptionally well attended February meeting with 3 guests in attendance.  Many thanks to new members Danon (KX4DHS) and James (NX4JS) Smith who work with the EOC and set up the big 8 screen matrix system in the meeting room for our presentations.  If you missed this meeting be sure to come to the next one and enjoy the view!

     I also want to follow up on something that was mentioned at the meeting in a question to Joe McIntosh about the Amazon Smile program in which we are participating.  I encourage all members to install the web browser add-on extensions that will automatically take you to when you click any link to a product offered on Amazon or just when you normally shop on the site.  With the introduction of the new Edge Chromium browser from Microsoft this even works on Edge!  On Edge turn on the option that allows extensions from other stores.  This is very easy to install and does not interfere with your browsing in any way.

Google Chrome and Edge Chromium users click here.
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Safari users click here.

Please note:
The club's policy is to publish the last meeting minutes on the website well in advance of the next meeting.  This saves time at the meetings and gives members a chance to analyze and discuss any items at the meeting.  The minutes also include more details on club business than is possible in the Kerchunker.  Please go to the Meeting Page to view current and past meeting minutes.

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